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As flag bearers for the flavours of Wales, we scour our verdant valleys and abundant coastlines to help you discover the new, the novel and the nutritious.

Journey with us and be inspired by authentic, local and sustainable delights that are reared, grown or crafted in Wales. Meet the farmers, fruit growers, fishermen and many more besides observing old practices and breaking new ground in their passionate pursuit of the palatable.

A standard-bearer for our country, we’re a celebration of Welsh bounty arriving at your doorstep to put a smile on your dining table and a salute in your glass.  So good you’ll understand what all the singing’s about!

So go on… fill your fridge, load your larder and tantalise your tastebuds safe in the knowledge that every product has been lovingly created,  raised, nurtured and cared for.  From the field to the fork, the oven to the plate, Discover Delicious brings you the best of Wales, personally selected.

We know what great tastes like and we know you’ll agree.  Our promise is kept in every crumb, every drop, every single sensation.


We strive to bring Welsh flavours to your table and put Welsh food on the map.

We’re here to connect food, drink and flavour lovers with the hero products and hidden gems on offer from all corners of our delicious country. Taking the hard work out of finding new tastes, treats and treasures.

Travelling far and wide, searching for the heart and soul of Wales in every taste, we’re on a journey of discovery – and we’re taking you with us.

Every mile brings us closer to the people who’ve dedicated their lives to great flavour, inventive ideas and the tradition of generations.  Every step takes us towards something surprising, something original – a new sensation from a timeless country.

We’re also here to support our fabulous food and drink producers, often independent or family-run businesses, showcase their wonderful and sometimes wacky products to a wider audience.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to be a conscious consumer: bringing ethical values back into food shopping through a fairer pricing structure, supporting small, prioritising provenance and connecting with the people, places and processes behind the food you eat – then we’re happy to help!

The countless relationships we’ve built with the finest growers, producers and makers across Wales sit at the heart of our business.  And we don’t take our privilege for granted; we pay things forward, making sure everyone is fairly rewarded and able to invest in their passions, creating a network of profitable, sustainable businesses that can thrive for generations to come.



Founder Laura has been lucky enough to spend over a decade working in the food and drink industry in Wales – discovering some of the nation’s best kept foodie secrets along the way. Inspired to share those hidden gems with a wider audience, Discover Delicious was born.

Joined by fellow foodie Liz, the small but perfectly formed team at Discover Delicious are passionate advocates for Welsh food and flavours we invite you to join us on our quest to discover and enjoy the best of Wales.




We have thousands of deliciously different Welsh food and drinks for you to discover and enjoy, or gift to that special someone.

Our FOOD HALL is packed full of kitchen must-haves including dairy, bakery & store cupboard essentials as well as speciality foods, sweet treats, craft beers, cider and spirits.  All products in our Food Hall are delivered together and shipping is FREE over £60 (pre VAT).  

Discover even more Welsh food and drinks in our gifts section and delight a loved one with a delicious taste of Wales.  These products are shipped directly from the producer that creates them, making them even more special.

Have you got a favourite producer?  If you’re anything like us you’ll have quite a few!  Visit their Discover Delicious shops in our marketplace to explore their full range.  But remember – our producers are an innovative bunch and they’re always introducing new products and flavours so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new.  Again, Marketplace products are shipped directly from our wonderful producers.


Simply add all of your food and drink choices to your basket as you go – store cupboard essentials, dinner party deliciousness or a gift for your favourite foodie – throw it all in and purchase in one easy transaction from as many producers as you like.

Your order is placed directly with the producer(s) – which means they will get virtually all of the price you pay in return for creating your delicious delivery (we like to keep things fair around here).


Once your order is received by the producer(s) they will prepare your products and post them to you as per the delivery details at the time of order.

Food Hall orders will be shipped to you in one delivery with all items arriving together.  Shipping is FREE for all orders over £60 (pre VAT).

Gifts and Marketplace products come directly from the producer that makes them for you. So, if you order from several producers you may receive your total order in a few deliveries – but we’ll always let you know the delivery details as you add products to your basket, and again at check out.

And don’t forget – it may be that by ordering several products from the same producer the delivery price gets cheaper so don’t forget to check out the entire range.


We hope you enjoy your Discover Delicious delicacies as much as we enjoyed testing them (it’s a tough job…!)  If you need a bit of added inspiration don’t forget to visit our recipe pages for some top tips from our producers.