10 things we LOVE about Wales

Wonderful Wales
10 things we LOVE about Wales

Wales. A country of just over 3 million people. A country with the best flag in the world (I mean, a dragon!!) A country that invented canned beer (yes, really).

In celebration of St.David’s Day, we’re showcasing all of the things that we love about Wales throughout the month of March. Here’s a small selection of why we think Wales is number one!

  1. Obviously, we couldn’t start this list with anything other than food and drink. Wales is a nation filled with incredibly innovative food and drink, lovingly crafted by extremely talented, passionate producers and we can’t get enough of it. We are insanely proud of the produce coming out of our beloved Wales and want to shout about it whenever and wherever we can. Explore the amazing food and drink available at Discover Delicious Wales – and there’s plenty more to come!
  2. This leads us on to the peopleInnovative, passionate, forward-thinking, warm, generous; these are just a few words that spring to mind when we think of the Welsh, particularly when we think of the hundreds of incredible producers, chefs and restaurateurs that we’ve met along the way since starting our journey. 
  3. Whilst on the subject of food, what about the delicious traditional Welsh recipes? They certainly deserve a mention! Wales is synonymous with dishes like Cawl, Bara Brith, Welsh Rarebit and, of course, Welsh Cakes. Nothing beats a warm bowl of cawl, a generous wedge of Oak Smoked Welsh Cheese and some homemade bread on a blustery winter’s evening. Deeeelish! Head on over to our recipes page for more delicious inspiration.
  4. Sticking with the food theme, we have an array of fabulous restaurants, cafes and delis here in Wales. For a somewhat small nation, Wales proudly boasts SIX Michelin starred restaurants –  an incredible statistic, really. In addition, we have some incredible high street delis serving exceptional local produce, state of the art roasteries (Coaltown in Ammanford, for example) and award-winning street food outlets, all doing amazing things for the Welsh food industry.
  5. Wales has a rich heritage of myths and legends, passed down from generation to generation, and many remain prevalent to this day. We celebrate Saint Dwynwen’s Day, the Welsh patron saint of lovers on the 25th January, for example. Legend has it that Dwynwen was a 5th-century princess who was so unlucky in love, she became a nun, devoting herself to God and founded a convent on the island of Llanddwyn in North Wales.
  6. The Welsh Language. ‘Nuff said.  Few words beat ‘cwtch’, a word invented by the Welsh to describe a warming hug. We love a ‘cwtch’, we do!
  7. Welsh traditions. From dressing up in traditional Welsh costumes to celebrate St David’s Day to competing at the National Eisteddfod, we love the sense of unity and belonging that these traditions exude.
  8. The diverse programme of events that Wales hosts throughout the year. We’re huge fans of Abergavenny Food Festival and Aberaeron’s Sea Food Festival (naturally), but also love cultural festivals like Machynlleth Comedy Festival; an incredible weekend of live comedy in quirky venues throughout the town,  Green Man Festival and The Big Tribute Festival. There really is something for everyone! Read all about our time at Machynlleth Comedy Festival here.
  9. Wales’ rugged landscapes and awe-inspiring seascapes. We’re fortunate to live in such a beautiful country and are totally spoiled for choice when it comes to scenery and photo opportunities for the ‘Gram! This incredibly diverse landscape has a great influence on the exquisite food and drink coming out of Wales, not to mention the fab foodie experiences that are available at Discover Delicious.
  10. Rugby. Wales’ national sport. There’s nothing that will make those hairs stand on the back of our neck quite like hearing thousands of Welsh fans blasting out the National Anthem at the Principality Stadium on match day! ‘Gwlad, gwlad…!’

All in all, Wales is a pretty extraordinary country, wouldn’t you agree? Explore the unique stories behind each of our amazing independent Welsh producers here. 

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