Behind the Scenes at the Discover Delicious TV Shoot

Discover Delicious
Behind the Scenes at the Discover Delicious TV Shoot

It’s been an incredibly exciting time for us at Discover Delicious as we’ve been busy filming our first ever TV advert, which aired this morning on ITV Wales! We’ve been bursting to tell you all about it, and we can now share what was involved in the making of this gorgeous snapshot of all the beautiful products, people and places we love so much at Discover Delicious Wales.

It’s all in the detail…

Our producers work tirelessly to produce inspiring and indulgent food and drink. We love this close-up shot that highlights the dedication and incredible detail that goes into creating the lovely products that we are so fortunate to find right on our doorsteps. Day 1 of filming commenced with our friends, Karen and Mark at Wickedly Welsh Chocolate, who created an array of beautifully decorated truffles, as is captured in this lovely image. It was truly captivating to observe an artist at work, crafting a selection of gorgeous chocolates that looked ALMOST too good to eat!!

The processes…

Once we’d had our (delicious) chocolate fuelled breakfast, it was on to the wonderful Bluestone Brewing Company, where we were lucky enough to witness the birth of a brand new brew- a special, limited edition ale to celebrate the Royal Wedding, all caught on film!

The brewery was filled with the distinct aromas of the brewing process, as well as being filled with cameras, lighting and film crews! Thankfully, Tom wasn’t phased by all of this extra activity taking over his work space and continued to craft the delicious ale packed with bold flavours that we have come to expect from this amazing, family-run brewery. A massive thank you to the whole team at Bluestone for being so accommodating!

Good times….

One of the key messages that we are so keen to convey through our TV campaign is our belief that food is not purely for fuel, but that food is fun and should be enjoyed with family and good friends. This is what good food is all about for us; enjoyment and new discoveries, and it has the incredible ability to bring people together. This message is beautifully portrayed in the shot below – a group of friends enjoying a feast of craft beers, artisan cheeses, delicious crackers and amazing chutneys, whilst basking in the (rather uncharacteristic) glorious Welsh sunshine!

Say ‘cheese’….

We then moved on to Pant Mawr Cheeses,(which seemed fitting as we’d just devoured copious amounts of their delicious cheese!) and were greeted by the lovely Jennings family who talked us through the processes behind their award-winning range of cheeses. Our camera crew filmed at their smokery in order to capture the process behind their incredible smoked cheeses, and we think you’ll agree, the end shots are amazing! The aromas within the smokery were delightful, and we all left the shoot that day with a lasting reminder on our clothes of our lovely trip to Pant Mawr!

Round two…

Day two took us to a rather wet and windy (that’s more like it!!) Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire, where our lovely producers The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company’s  Café Mor food trailer is based. This street food mobile catering venture was established in 2010, and serves up some amazing locally sourced delights, including mackrel butties with wild garlic mayo, crab rolls with Welsh sea black butter and lobster rolls with Welsh sea black butter. Our crew were treated to a wonderful, locally sourced lobster feast, prepared on the camp fire by Jonathan himself- does it get any better than that?

Once we’d filled our stomachs (yet again), Jonathan took us on his daily foraging walk, collecting seaweed from the shores of the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. To watch an expert at work was a truly fantastic experience, and to witness the sheer dedication to go out and brave the elements in order to collect the freshest local ingredients was something special. This is what life is all about for Jonathan, and his passion and drive is truly inspiring, and something that all of our producers at Discover Delicious have in common. The love and commitment they have for their craft is transferred to their produce, and this is what makes them so unique.

Last words…

It is safe to say that we’ve been on a wonderful food journey throughout the process of filming the television advert, and have enjoyed every delicious moment. It’s been an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to showcase the incredible artists and artisans who lovingly craft the unique products that can be found at our online marketplace, and we hope you agree, the end result is awesome…



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