Delicious Ways with...Welshman's Caviar

Delicious Ways with...Welshman's Caviar

Welshman’s Caviar is a must have ingredient in any foodie’s store cupboard, having achieved a Great Taste award in 2014 and 2016. An incredibly versatile ingredient,  it contains a premium blend of handpicked Pembrokeshire laver seaweed that has been dried and toasted to create a wonderful Welsh seasoning. Include in a variety of recipes to get the same great taste as that of the traditional Welsh delicacy, laverbread.

Here’s some delicious recipe inspiration from The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company using Welshman’s Caviar as a feature ingredient.

Beans on toast with a wonderful Welsh twist| Could beans on toast be the ultimate comfort food? It’s definitely up there with the best, and this quirky twist on the classic elevates a simple recipe into something extraordinary in every sense of the word. We love to smother lashings of Halen Môn’s Smoky BBQ Ketchup on ours for that extra depth of flavour.

Welshman’s Caviar Quiche with Bacon and Cockles| Packed with wonderful Welsh ingredients such as seaweed and Gower Cockles, this uniquely Welsh twist on a simple recipe will certainly be a conversation started at this summer’s picnics!


Welshman’s Caviar Porridge| Dried seaweed and porridge? We were as skeptical as you are when we first saw this, but give it a try – it might just change the way you see your bowl of breakfast porridge for good..!


Feeling inspired? Then why not explore The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company’s full range here?

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