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Discover Laverbread. The Surprising Welsh Superfood

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Discover Laverbread. The Surprising Welsh Superfood

With post-Christmas diets now well underway, our attentions are firmly fixed on our health and wellbeing and making sure we get all our vitamins.

Vitamin D or the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, offers a whole host of benefits, from facilitating the function of a normal immune system to fighting depression and assisting with weight loss – all things we could usually do with during the bleak month of January. Sadly its natural source, sunlight, is often lacking in Wales in Winter.

So, plan B is to source Vitamin D from what we eat instead. There are a number of food sources that are rich in Vitamin D, from mushrooms to cod to egg yolks, but did you know that one of Wales’ most famous and delightful delicacies also contains a high level of Vitamin D?  Yes, you’ve guessed it, laverbread!

This tasty treat isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of healthy ways to gain our daily recommendation of vitamin D, but the traditional Welsh treat is jam packed with the ‘sunshine’ goodness.

Laverbread has a long history of being used for its health benefits. Early records refer to laver being used as a survival food by people fleeing the Viking invasions centuries ago. In more recent times, miners from the South Wales valleys would eat it in abundance as the Vitamin D rich delight would mitigate the effects of long days spent underground with no exposure to sunlight.

Nowadays of course, laverbread is a luxury, produced in a number of exciting, innovative ways to appeal to a new audience of discerning consumers. From pesto to caviar, take a look at one creative food business in Pembrokeshire’s take on this classic right here.