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Discover the Ultimate BBQ

Discover the Ultimate BBQ

We’re a nation of BBQ lovers – as soon as the sun makes an appearance we’re all rushing around to stock up on BBQ meats, fish and seasonings. But as BBQ season approaches, we find ourselves asking the same questions; which meats are best on the BBQ, what drinks should I serve at my next BBQ, what are the best BBQ seasonings?  So, below, we’ve compiled a handy little guide to hosting the ultimate BBQ. You’re welcome! 

Expert BBQ tips

Hangfire Southern Kitchen’s Samantha Evans: “Burgers and sausages are the most difficult thing to BBQ, but we’re obsessed with them. It’s all about buying quality meat. Go to your local butcher, buy organic if you can afford it. Just make sure it’s had a good life and the bigger the piece of meat, the easier it will be to BBQ. Larger steaks, whole fish and spatchcock chicken are more forgiving”

Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Roberts:  “My ancestors in Patagonia would cook over oak and ash. That’s the Asado way of life and that’s how I like to cook my Welsh meat…Steak on the bone, every time!”

Good Food Guide’s Chef of the Year 2019, Gareth Ward: “Always sear your meat before smoking on the BBQ – this locks in flavour and moisture!”

Hangfire Southern Kitchen’s Shauna Guinn: “Those charcoal bags from the petrol station will not give you the best BBQ results, so use good quality British charcoal, and don’t forget, different woods impart different flavours because that will directly impact on the flavour of your meat.”

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher: After burgers, sausages are undoubtedly the next most popular ingredient in a BBQ. The experts at HPGB suggest the following method for perfecting sausages on the barbie: “Place the sausages on to the grill in a circular fashion with the longest side facing the heat. The sausages should be place on the grill just to the side of the charcoal so there is no charcoal directly beneath the sausages. This way you will cook your sausages rather than burn them…Your sausages should not take more than 25 to 30 minutes. The slower you cook them and the more times you turn them the more evenly your sausages will cook and the more tender and juicy they will be.”

Our Favourite Summer Cocktails

Barti Seaweed Cocktail
| A deliciously unique twist on a traditional rum flavoured cocktail.

Negroni Spritz| This gin based cocktail is summer in a glass – perfect for those summertime garden evenings! The difficulty will be deciding which incredible Welsh gin to use as the base…

Pip and the City’s Strawberry Gin Cocktail| A deliciously fruity summer cocktail using an extraordinary multi award-winning Welsh gin as a base.


Raise the Steaks

Marinades, rubs- what’s the difference?

Well, marinades have maximum impact when used overnight, and work particularly well with meats like chicken, lamb and pork -those that can take the extra hit of flavour. Dry rubs on the other hand are best used 10-20 minutes before BBQing, and are especially good when using smoking techniques to cook your meat as marinades can block the smoke from penetrating the meat as they act as a seal around the meat – and we certainly wouldn’t want that!


Best BBQ Recipes

Sweet and Smoked Belly Pork from Halen Môn| Not content with wowing us with their world-renowned range of sea salts, sauces and smoked water, our friends at Halen Môn have also been kind enough to share some of their delicious recipes with us for you to try, and we cannot get enough of this delicious smoky belly pork recipe – wonderful when smoked on the BBQ!




Barti Spiced BBQ Chicken| We love this sweet and sticky BBQ chicken dish, made using one of our favourite uniquely Welsh tipples. Be sure to leave enough Barti Ddu to toast your culinary triumph once the chicken is done…!