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“We love the story behind Brybeque, a product that was born out of one man’s passion and his search for the perfect BBQ sauce. This passion and genuine love for the product is so clear to taste in each handmade bottle of Brybeque, and we adore their new rubs, too! A true store cupboard essential, lovingly made in Wales.” 

Huw believes that everyone has their sauce; be it Ketchup, Mayo, Sweet Chilli… the list is endless. Huw’s sauce was BBQ. Now, Huw’s sauce is Brybeque!

Award-winning homemade sauces and rubs –  handmade, hand-bottled and labelled by two passionate BBQ lovers, Brybeque just makes life better. We work hard to try and convince 99% of the population, who don’t like the nasty stuff sold in supermarkets, that BBQ sauce CAN be enjoyed – through Brybeque.

Our Story

It all started back in 2009 when Huw Bryant embarked on his journey as an exchange student to spend a few months in University of Rio Grande, Ohio, and he discovered the real American BBQ Sauce. Instantly – his passion for BBQ Sauce began.

Over the last few years, (he’s lost count!), Huw has been trying to find the perfect BBQ sauce. His first stop were the supermarkets, and after a lot of disappointing results, he turned to the kitchen to experiment with different recipes and combinations.  Finally, on the 12th of July 2015, he tasted the sauce that was bubbling away in his saucepan, and said, “Wow!”

He believed he had found the combination, that with a bit of work and modification, met his high standards and he’d be willing to buy. After a year of experimenting with different ingredients, spices and flavours, Brybeque was ready for the public. 

Our goal is to get BBQ sauce lovers on board, and also convert a few newbie’s to Brybeque! We released our ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Brytroot’ (Beetroot BBQ Sauce) the following summer, and were honoured to receive our Great Taste Awards the following year – which was an amazing feeling! Brybeque is finally breaking through!

Last Autumn we released our Rubs or Bry-Rubs as we like to call them! One sweet and one spicy for all manners of meats, fish, veg, and even for cooking – simply stir into your chillis, stirfrys, baked beans – anything and everything!

The rumours are true. You HAVE to try Brybeque!