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“We are thrilled to welcome Bug Farm Foods to the Discover Delicious family. Championing sustainable foods and tacking issues of sustainability within the food chain, the experts at Bug Farm Foods have developed an exciting and delicious range of insect based products that will revolutionalise the way that we think about food.”

Bug Farm Foods is the brainchild of husband and wife team, entomologist (insect scientist) Dr Sarah Beynon and award-winning Chef (food wizard) Andy Holcroft. Together, they have developed a new generation of insect-based foods to help tackle issues of sustainability in the food chain. From their base in the wild West of Wales, their aim is to bring you sustainable and delicious food.

With a range of gifting, home cooking and baking products, Bug Farm Foods is Wales’ first insect-based food businesses. Why not pop along and visit them at The Bug Farm visitor and research centre and Grub Kitchen; the UK’s first full time edible insect restaurant?


Our Story

Why eat insects? 

By 2050 there will be almost 10 billion people on Earth and, to feed them all, we will require 70% more food, 120% more water and 42% more crop land. By 2050 meat production is predicted to double and, to meet current environmental targets, impacts of livestock on the environment will need to halve compared to what they are today. There is a global need for alternative protein sources, and insects are packed full of the stuff!

How will eating insects help the environment? 

Many insects breed quickly and require very little space, or water. This makes farming them extremely efficient. For example, it takes about 22,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef whereas it takes just 1-10 litres of water to produce 1kg of edible insect protein…and they release 99% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cattle when doing it! To produce the equivalent amount of protein, some insects require 12-25 times less feed when compared to cattle and half the feed compared to chickens. They also take up one tenth of the land area compared to cattle when turning that feed into edible protein.

Are insects vegan or vegetarian?

Insects are animals, so are not classed as vegan or vegetarian. However, we have found that over 70% of people who would class themselves as vegan or vegetarian will happily eat insects. This is because: (1) they are an extremely environmentally sustainable source of digestible protein and (2) they can be farmed and killed ethically.