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“We love the story behind these delicious, quirky Welsh Cakes. Inspired by his family’s history, Michael has taken the humble Welsh Cake and has given it a unique twist. We hope you love them as much as we do!” 

Traditional Welsh Cakes with one big difference; they’re black!

Here at the Coalpit Welsh Cake Company, we have taken an age-old Welsh Cake recipe, handed down through generations of the Beynon family, and have given it our own unique twist. Inspired by the ex-mining community of Ammanford, we have created these unique Welsh cakes to celebrate the town’s rich heritage and the incredible community spirit felt within the ex-mining communities throughout South Wales. We are a small business and take extreme pride in what we do, baking our speciality Welsh Cakes in small batches to ensure perfection. Using the finest local ingredients, our Welsh Cakes are baked in the traditional way, on a cast iron griddle.

Our Story

Coalpit Welsh Cakes was the brain child of Michael Beynon, who has developed his great grandmother’s much-loved Welsh Cake recipe using the very best local ingredients.

Michael’s great grandmother would often bake fresh Welsh Cakes as a treat for his great grandfather’s lunchbox when he used to work in the coal pits of Ammanford, and so, these unique black Welsh Cakes pay homage to Michael’s family, their history and traditions.

Beautifully presented, our delicious Welsh cakes make the perfect gift or simply keep them all to yourself!