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Located in the beautiful hills of mid-wales, here at Coco Pzazz we are continuously trying our hardest to deliver to you, chocolate like you’ve never had before. We have a well-established range of flavours which we are frequently updating to bring to you exciting new flavours, we work closely with various designers around Wales to give you the distinctive vibrant packaging we’re well-known for and we have an incredibly talented team of Chocolatiers who work hard to create our finest chocolate and mix it with the flavours that make our products what they are.

Not only do we put a lot of care and thought into our products, but we also do the same with the environment. We may only be a small business, but we have big beliefs when it comes to taking care of the environment around us which is why we have taken a number of steps to becoming an environmentally ethical business. A few of the things we pride ourselves on are:

          We use plastic free packaging – instead, using a compostable biofilm

          We use FSC board for our card boxes

          All our UK trade deliveries are carbon neutral

          We use 100% renewable energy in our units

          We have a zero to landfill policy

          We use sustainably grown chocolate under a recognized programme

          And we work with and support chocolate growing communities in Ghana and Ecuador with micro loans and other direct support.

As you can see, we’re deeply passionate about caring for the environment and we know a lot of our customers are too which is why we always take those extra steps in ensuring we source and produce products that are environmentally friendly, and we will always encourage everyone else to do the same.

Our Story

“Ethically sourced chocolate that not only look great, but also taste great (and have some pretty tasty awards to back that up) – Sign us up! We are thrilled to welcome Coco Pzazz to Discover Delicious. Their indulgent giant chocolate buttons and luxurious chocolate bars make the perfect gift for chocolate lovers, or why not simply treat yourself to a chocolate gift?”

Our story started in 2013 when founder Lori Whinn accidently fell into chocolate making whilst mentoring welsh chocolate makers alongside her horse rescue centre, which she had set up to raise money for. With her only source of chocolate being a small local producer and a factory inside her own home, Lori soon found herself struggling with the large orders coming in from well-known supermarkets such as John Lewis, so she began learning how to make chocolate herself. After being helped with a generous loan and ironing out a few other kinks, Lori soon found herself becoming an enthusiast for chocolate making, pairing different chocolate with a range of natural flavours, and taking her small business from her home to units in Caersws where they have developed into the successful business they are now.

We have come a long way since we started in 2013, building on our team and crafting ourselves into the well-known chocolatiers that we are today, all while never losing sight of what we stand for. By putting love and care into everything we do from chocolate making to caring for the environment, Coco Pzazz have built up a good customer base in Wales, with hopes of growing into England in the future.