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Here at Discover Delicious we are firm believers that food should be fun, not just fuel. Food is passion, it’s community, it’s nourishment and it’s the simple pleasure of trying delicious new things. We hope that by showcasing the variety of Welsh deliciousness on offer we can inspire people to think differently about food – and get creative in the kitchen!

We’ve curated the finest flavours of Wales, scouring our verdant valleys and abundant coastlines, so you don’t have to. Be inspired by authentic, local and sustainable delights that are reared, grown and crafted in Wales, all just a click away.

Our Story

The inspiration behind Discover Delicious came from my time working within the Welsh food and drink industry.  One of the most exciting things about the industry for me is getting to meet the diverse mix of producers that we have here in Wales – not just because I get to try all their fantastic products, though naturally that’s a massive bonus, but also because I absolutely love to hear the stories behind the products and to learn how they’ve been crafted.

But the main problem I found was that it was really difficult to get hold of these amazing products – and that’s really how the seed of Discover Delicious was planted.  In a nutshell I wanted to connect foodies with the hidden gems of Wales by showcasing our amazing producers and their innovative products.

Discover Delicious Wales makes it easier for foodies to buy the best of Wales in one easy transaction, by curating these wonderful products all in one place.

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