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“Here at Discover Delicious, we are continually searching for new and exciting Welsh produce with provenance, and when we discovered From our Farm we knew we had struck gold. A family run business steeped in history, the George family have diversified their farming business, bringing a little-heard-of product to the market. Biltong. ” 

Welcome to From Our Farm! We’ve been rearing our cattle on the pastures of the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for over four generations. At the beginning of 2017, we had the idea to take beef from our family farm and turn it into exceptional biltong, something that wasn’t well-known in our corner of the world but Michael had come across several years earlier during a visit to South Africa.

We made several trial batches using a homemade dryer consisting of a plastic storage tub, bathroom extractor fan and a lightbulb! After tasting the biltong, we decided it was too good not to share! This started a twelve-month journey to develop the From Our Farm brand, perfect our recipes and move production out of our kitchen and into purpose-built premises.

Today the biltong dryer is a substantial state-of-the-art piece of equipment, very different from our experimental apparatus! We produce our biltong in small batches and ensure our products meet the same high standards that we strive for in all areas of our farm.

Whilst we would like to take full credit for how great our biltong tastes, there is no doubt that over one hundred years of our ancestors perfecting their beef-rearing methods plays a large part in our success. We are excited to share the fruits of their collective knowledge through our beef products and we are confident that you will appreciate the difference this makes with every bite!

Our Story

Here in Pembrokeshire we are fortunately placed on the edge of the gulf stream, giving the county a mild climate and longer growing seasons than many other parts of Wales and the UK. This unique climate also gives rise to superb quality grass and we take full advantage, grazing our cattle outdoors for as many days of the year as possible.

We are proud to be a traditional, mixed Pembrokeshire farm. By this we mean that as well as grazing our cattle on pasture, we also utilise the land to grow a variety of arable crops, which ensures we have a steady supply of feed and bedding during the colder months. As well as being a very self-sufficient system, the other upside of the ‘mixed’ farming model is that we know exactly what our feed contains and significantly cuts transport miles.

The George family has been rearing beef on Pembrokeshire land for more than four generations. Each generation has demonstrated a true passion for sustainable agriculture. They aspired to the highest standards and refined their farming methods for over one hundred years. Our crop rotations are the results of over 100 years of practice and we are still improving every day.