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“We are delighted to welcome Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd Honey to Discover Delicious. An award-winning, family run business producing exceptional Welsh artisan honey, we’re sure you’ll love their Great Taste award-winning honeys as much as we do!”

Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd Honey is an award-winning family business run by husband and wife team, Angharad and Gruffydd in rural Carmarthenshire. Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd Honey is a single origin pure honey and is renowned for being one of the finest quality and a great example of a multi-floral Welsh honey. Our honey is a wonderful mix of multifloral wildflower, hedgerow and blossom, and because our honey is always unpasteurised and minimally filtered, it tastes exactly as the bees intended. It is also rich in pollen, retaining all its natural, pure goodness and health benefits. 

Our hives are dotted across rural locations in Carmarthenshire and produce exceptional tasting honey, helped by all the rain that Carmarthenshire receives! Gruffydd does all of the beekeeping and Angharad does the marketing, jarring and labelling- all by hand; a truly artisan product. We are passionate about helping to reverse the decline of the honeybee, and are taking a number of steps to help this cause. By making numerous TV and radio appearances, speaking regularly at community group meetings, school talks and workshops as well as our ‘Adopt a Hive’ Scheme for organisations and businesses seeking innovative solutions for corporate social responsibility and offering beekeeping workshops and experience days, we hope to make this dream a reality.

Our Story

Gwenyn Gruffydd was founded in 2010 when Gruffydd decided to follow his dream of keeping bees. 

It all started when Gruffydd was kindly given two hives of bees by a friend farming locally and it is from there on the dream developed into a reality. Gruffydd enrolled onto a beekeeping course in Carmarthenshire that year and the one hive in the back of his Mum and Dad’s garden quickly multiplied into around 60 hives, dotted around several locations in Carmarthenshire nearly a decade later. We have won 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards for two years in a row: 2017 and 2018. 

Gruffydd is a member of The Bee Farmers Association and completed his Disease Assurance Scheme for Honeybees (DASH) in 2017 meaning Gruffydd has been trained and qualified to recognise disease in honeybee colonies. 

Over the last 12 months, Gruffydd has been giving talks and presentations to various local groups and movements and demand continues to get many requests on a weekly basis from WI’s, YFC, Farming Connect groups to name but a few.