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“We love cider, and we’re particularly fond of Hallets. They’ve taken traditional cider making and added a few winemakers’ tricks along the way. A fresh, crisp drink, it’s a must for any cider enthusiast. Discover more about the inspiration behind Hallets Cider in our Q&A with founder, Andy Hallet.

We planted an orchard on our farm in South Wales, when cider making was but a hobby. Now, the expertise and art of real cider making has taken us to award winning levels. Situated 1000ft above sea level, the apples that make our cider offer a complex and subtle taste, with a crystal clearness akin to that of a fine white wine. It’s all additive free, pure apples and deliciousness.

Our Story

Hallets is a family run cider making business based at Blaengawney Farm, overlooking the foothills of the Brecon Beacons. We were one of the first cider makers in the UK to borrow techniques from the wine making industry, and it’s this departure from tradition that gives Hallets its distinctly clear and bright range of flavours. Several of our products are aged in oak barrels, which infuse the cider with flavour enhancing turpines, tannins and vanillins.

We have invested heavily in state of the art processing equipment, putting great time and care into building a plant tailored to our specific production methods. This allows Andy and fellow cider maker Andrew  to remain true to the craft ethos of continual development. And although we are only a small family run outfit, Hallets has established itself as one of Wales’ premium small-scale producers and a true front-runner in the wider craft cider movement.