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“Using only natural ingredients, including the award-winning spring water that lies beneath the organic grounds of Llanllyr, Patrick Gee has created a range of tonics and mixers for us to enjoy. If you think you liked gin and tonic before, you’re going to love gin and Llanllyr. It really is on another level, and we can’t get enough of it.”

Water is the foundation of any mixer. Llanllyr SOURCE mixers are crafted using our award-winning natural spring water and natural ingredients to release the essence of the spirit and deliver a world-class cocktail. Using Llanllyr SOURCE natural spring water and natural ingredients sourced from around the globe, we believe we have created the best mixers on the planet.

Our Story

Amplify flavour, magnify purity.

Gentle water of unmatched purity and softness has been nourishing the beautiful valley and farmlands of Llanllyr for centuries, giving rise to lush greenery, award-winning gardens and abundant orchards throughout the seasons.

Pure, soft natural spring water is the essential ingredient that encourages every flavour to blossom. From Llanllyr farm to your table, we wish to share this gift of purity which allows the flavours of life to flourish.

By blending the unique qualities of SOURCE water with natural botanicals, we have created an exceptional range of natural mixers that amplify flavour and magnify purity.

Beloved and endorsed by connoisseurs around the world, SOURCE is the perfect complement to any occasion, meal, recipe or craft cocktail.  

Rooted in local heritage, we work at the heart of our community and are proud to be fully committed to sustainability and carbon neutrality.