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“In the foothills of the Preseli mountains you’ll see ‘cheese’ in trees. Literally. You can’t miss the Jennings’ family farm, as from miles away you can spot the word ‘Caws’, which is Welsh for cheese, written in trees planted on the side of a hill. And on that hill, you’ll find David, Cynthia and Jason crafting their range of delicious cows’ milk cheeses. They’ve been doing it since 1983 so they really know what they’re doing, we can vouch for that.”

We are a small family run business, based on our family farm in Pembrokeshire where we craft our delicious award-winning, artisan cheeses from locally sourced milk. Our cheese is all handmade, hand cut and hand packaged, and each and every package is produced with the care and attention it deserves, which results in the most delicious selection of cheese Wales has to offer.

Our Story

Pant Mawr Cheese was established in 1985 when my husband, David, and I returned from establishing some of the first commercial dairy herds in Libya and Yemen. On our return to Wales, we purchased Pant Mawr Farm and started milking goats which we used to produce a delicious goat’s cheese as we didn’t have a reliable outlet for the goat’s milk. We stopped milking in 2000 as the cheese making side took over. We’re now in the second generation of the family business, as our son, Jason, has been working on the farm and cheese production alongside his father and I since 2001. We’re all extremely happy being a small family run artisan cheesemonger alongside running our smallholding and believe the cheese we produce reflects our love and passion for the industry.