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“Here at Discover Delicious, we are championing the different and delicious produce that Wales has to offer. This creative little company, based in Ogmore, South Wales, has created some delicious, innovative alternatives for vegetarians and vegans alike, bursting with colour and flavour. We simply adore The Parsnipship, and know you will too.”

We are an independent and artisan food producer, creating unique and original vegetarian & vegan food from our home kitchen in Ogmore Vale. We hand craft award winning vegetarian and vegan products which can be served with accompaniments as main meals or stand alone as ‘food to go’. Our tasty treats can be found at farmers markets, food fairs, festivals and events. If it’s pioneering vegetarian produce you’re after, then look no further than The Parsnipship.


Our Story

Ben started The Parsnipship as a home based business 15 years ago, selling at Riverside Market in Cardiff. He was inspired by years of encountering bemusement at his lifestyle choice to change people’s view of vegetarian food by creating dishes that went beyond the usual run-of-the-mill offerings often faced by vegetarians and vegans back then.

Since the early days, The Parsnipship has grown into a small business, employing Ben’s partner Flo as his right hand woman and a small kitchen team who hand make Ben’s recipes and sell them to delis, farmshops, restaurants as well as farmers markets, festivals and online.

The recent surge in popularity of plant based diets has finally caught up with Ben and his dreams of how good eating as a vegetarian or vegan could be. So the company continues to innovate, creating new dishes, striving to make the flavours, textures and versatility of its products the most exciting they can be.

At the heart of what we do now is the desire to make the company as sustainable as possible across all our activities, so we’re working hard to improve our environmentally friendly credentials, invest in our people, support and enhance the communities we work in and of course spread the word about the benefits of plant based diets.

We won Great Taste Awards for some of our products in 2017:  2 stars for our ever popular Glamorgan Crumble, 1 star for our Tandoori Chickpea & Lentil Mash-Up and 1 star for our Wild Mushroom & Puy Lentil Pâté (due to be officially launched soon).

The Parsnipship attends food fairs and arts / music festivals throughout the year, caters for weddings and other celebrations and is constantly on the look out for ways to reach new people and places with their food.