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“In the beautiful Snowdonian mountains of North Wales, Cynan and his wife June founded ‘Yr Ardd Fadarch’, which means ‘The Mushroom Garden’ in Welsh. Cynan and June’s love for foraging was the inspiration for their venture into mushroom growing. Their Umami seasoning is a particular favourite of ours with its ability to enhance the flavour of almost any dish – try it for yourself!”

We are a small family run business that specialises in growing mushrooms and cultivating exotic species right here in the heart of the Snowdonia mountains. The result? The production of some really exciting and innovative mushroom products. Our versatile seasonings can liven up an array of dishes, they really must feature in any foodie’s feast.

Our Story

Deep in the Eryri wilderness 10 years ago, I witnessed a lonely mushroom quietly growing amongst the trees. This little mushroom provided a flash of inspiration and sparked a desire to investigate further into a world that had always interested me – the fungi kingdom. Starting my journey with the wild mushrooms of Snowdonia, I soon turned my attention to cultivating exotic mushrooms here in Wales. Over the years, I have become one of Wales’ leading fungi experts and regularly hold courses on fungi as well as wild mushroom foraging trails in the depths of beautiful Snowdonia.

Our mushrooms are all grown in controlled units, but this does not mean that they do not thrive on the clean pure air of Snowdonia, and our “typical Welsh weather”. Rain and mist make our garden the perfect place to grow our mushrooms, even the blocks that the shiitakes are grown on are made from 95% Welsh Oak… these truly are Welsh through and through!

The Mushroom Garden is run by myself, Cynan, alongside my wife, June and two children, Megan and Rhys. We are not a factory or a large-scale farm, and do not use any chemicals in our processes; we are committed to running an environmentally friendly local business that does not compromise on quality.