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Cheese and Wine Gifts

At Discover Delicious, we work with the best Welsh vineyards, farms, dairies, bakers, and confectioners to bring the authentic taste of Wales straight to your doorstep. Our cheese and wine gift hampers are no exception. They offer a delicious selection of the finest Welsh wines and cheeses, lovingly handmade by award-winning winemakers and farmers. Choose from a selection of hard and soft cheeses, infused with signature Welsh herbs, botanicals, and wild flavours, alongside a selection of wines, berry wines, meads, and dessert wines, expertly paired to optimise the best flavours Wales has to offer. Our luxury cheese and wine hampers also include specially selected jams and chutneys, savoury biscuits and wonderfully oaty crackers, ensuring an authentically Welsh food and drink experience with every bite. Whether you're looking for a perfect family gift around the holidays, are sending a birthday or care hamper to a friend or are simply hosting a few folks for drinks and nibbles, these artisan wine and cheese gift baskets are sure to delight time and time again. Browse the full Discover Delicious gift hamper range to find your perfect cheese and wine hamper along with a host of additional Welsh goodies to enjoy.