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These burgers are hand made and are great for BBQ’s.

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Our Beef Burgers or better known as “Quarter Pounders” are made from hand selected cuts taken from the Fore Quarter of our traditionally matured grass fed Welsh Beef. Our qualified butchers trim the cuts to 80% visual lean before mincing, this is then mixed with just the right amount of seasoning before being formed into our very lean Welsh Beef Burgers. Every burger is handmade to our exacting high standards, providing you with a very lean tasty burger. These will taste very different to the usual mass produced burgers on the market making them the perfect choice for frying, grilling and BBQs. Suitable for anyone following a low fat healthy lifestyle.

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2x 4oz (226g), 4x 4oz (452g), 50x 4oz (5.6kg) bulk buy

“Catherine is working hard to make her world-class produce available far beyond Swansea Market. Now available through Discover Delicious the finest Welsh butchers are now just a click away.”

We believe the best meat comes from animals that are given the best quality of life. At Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher we’ve always thought it important to know the farmers that rear the cattle we buy at market. We’re a family run butchers established in 1887. We source our Welsh meat from three local farms including the famous Salt Marsh Lamb from the Gower coast.

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