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Celebration Sparkling Mead

By Celtic Country Wines Limited

A drink of celebration with the sweet nectar tastes.


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Mead has always been a drink of celebration, the word 'honeymoon' comes from the age old tradition of drinking mead after a wedding. The strong aphodisiac qualities of the honey makes the perfect lovers drink. With the sweet nectar taste, love inducing qualities and celebratory bubbles this is a divine drink for many occasions.

ABV: 12%

Allergens: Sulphite

Nestled away in a quiet village in West Wales, the Shipp family specialise in crafting the finest Welsh fruit wines, liqueurs and preserves, to name but a few. Their family run business is steeped in tradition and it’s incredibly inspiring to see old family recipes being used to create unique and exciting produce.   

At Celtic Country Wines, we specialise in turning fruits and other delicious ingredients into little bottles of heaven. We source the best quality ingredients all year round, ingredients like fresh elderflowers that are abundant in the Welsh countryside enabling us to collect them right from our doorstep.

As well as specialist fruit wines, liqueurs and vinegars we also produce our own range of jams, chutneys and marmalades. All of our delicious products are made at our family winery in West Wales which is also open to the public.

Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)
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