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Coast Roast Espresso Ground Coffee, 125g Tin

By Pond House Coffee

Sweet and delicious, smooth and satisfying, 100% Arabica from El Salvador and Brazil delivering notes of chocolate and nut.

Medium roast espresso ground coffee.

Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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Sold By : Pond House Coffee
Meet El Salvador Finca El Carmen 100% Red Bourbon, a smooth, characterful bean oozing sweet aromas as it roasts. El Carmen is an extremely well-run estate with scrupulous attention to detail. During harvest cherries (in which the coffee bean resides) are hand picked only when perfectly ripe. The beans are then naturally fermented, washed with pure spring water and sun-dried on clay patios. The perfect upbringing before coming to Wales!

At Pond House we partner up our El Salvador with our Ecoagricola from Brazil. It too has a story to tell. It’s a bean with a gentle bite from the Serra do Cabral region. What makes this bean special is the way it is farmed. The Flanzer family use pivot irrigation where equipment rotates around a central pivot. This method uses less water, low energy technology and delivers water and nutrients only where they are
needed thanks to GPS monitoring. Marrying quality and sustainability along with preserving vast areas of land the Flanzers built their ethos into the name ‘Ecoagricola’ - Eco Agriculture. And for their efforts as of 2017, have been re-certified by Rainforest Alliance.

Together, the Finca El Carmen and the Serra do Cabral make a magical match that creates our signature blend we call ‘Coast Roast’.

“We love a good paned here at Discover Delicious and so we’re delighted to welcome craft coffee roasters, Pond House Coffee Roasters to the family. Fresh craft coffee roasted on the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline, explore their delicious range and enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa.”

Big isn’t always beautiful and we could just be the proof. We are small batch coffee roasters crafting delicious blends and single origins from deepest darkest Pembrokeshire (not Peru!). Although I’m sure it won’t be long until we have a great Peruvian blend ready for you. Our coffee beans are selected with taste, flavour and character placed firmly at the top of the list.

Why roast coffee?

Simply because we love coffee. It’s like meeting an old friend every time it’s served. We also like the challenge. Roasting is complex and no two roasts are identical. It is our aim to get each roast as good as the last. We like the fact our beans keep us on our toes – there’s always something to learn and discover. We also love jumping in the sea and swimming here there…and over there. We try to swim most of the year (without wetsuits!) so we need a good cuppa to greet us at the end of our pursuit. Sometimes we can’t always find a good coffee wherever we beach so we flask up our own. It’s fast becoming the coffee for swimmers! We’ve island hopped, Channel swum, we’ve plunged into ice and ‘escaped’ from prison islands and the thought of good coffee at the end was always in our minds! We hope you like our coffee and it gives you great pleasure and enjoyment. See you at the beach! (yes, you can bring your wetsuit).

Pond House Coffee Roasters – Craft Coffee, Fresh from the West

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