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Craft Gin Gift Pack

By Eccentric Gin

A lovely gift pack comprising of your 5 favourite gins from our selection of wonderful craft gins.  Full details of the flavours you can choose from are in the description box below.


Ships From: United Kingdom (UK)

Sold By : Eccentric Gin
Choose any 5 of your favourite gins from our range of 5cl bottles.

  • Cardiff Dry - an aromatic dry gin with rich herb, fennel and citrus character.

  • Dewi Sant Citrus Gin - a smooth yet sharp London Dry Citrus Gin named after the Patron Saint of Wales.

  • Violet Gin - our London Dry based Violet Gin departs a subtle flavour of violets and is also a lovely, subtle violet colour.

  • Pembrokeshire Pinky  - a London Dry based gin, our Pembrokeshire Pinky departs flavours of cherry and lemongrass.

  • Madam Geneva - a London dry as it should be.

  • Limbeck New Western  - our Limbeck is rested in recycled burgundy French oak casks which results in its exceptionally smooth texture and peach colouring.

  • Young Tom Fresh Juniper Malt Gin - rested for 6 weeks to allow its flavour to develop. This one takes time,  but the end result is so worth it.

  • Rhubarb -  a smooth, crisp gin augmented with the flavour of Rhubarb creating a popular semi sweet gin.

“We love everything about Eccentric Gin, particularly their refusal to accept the norm and their desire to challenge conventions. This is a brand like no other that simply let their gins do the talking. Intrigued? Why not try some of their delicious gins here at Discover Delicious?”

Our 5 gins are crafted by brewers, distillers and mixologists, so we know a thing or two about distilling the perfect gin. As barrel masters of many trades, it will come as no surprise that we use various types of barrels to age different styles of gin, creating unique and interesting flavours. We have sourced the best botanicals and feature the sacred Celtic botanical ‘Wild Sunflower’, also known as ‘marchalan’ in Welsh, in each of our gins, which imparts a subtle sweetness with an underlying floral bitterness.

Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)
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Shipping policy

At Eccentric Gin, we ship our orders via next day delivery, so your order will be with you within 1-2 working days of purchase. Our gins are currently only available for delivery within mainland UK. If more than two bottles are purchased, shipping is FREE!