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Half Day Guided Bass Lure Angling | Pembrokeshire

By Fishing and Foraging Wales

An expert guided half day of bass lure angling along the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

A truly unique experience and the perfect experience for any fishing enthusiast.


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Sold By : Fishing and Foraging Wales

A half day of guiding will consist of a one tide session, usually taking around four to five hours. This could be an early morning or late afternoon session into sundown. Should you wish, the session can be used to target bass at night.

I practice catch and release for all bass caught by myself and/or guests.

What you will need:

  • A packed lunch, A flask of tea or coffee. Bottled water.

  • A pair of suitable waders with wading studs.

  • Bass lure angling equipment is essential.

I can offer the use of my lure angling equipment, i.e rods and lures, but any breakages and losses will have to be paid for. I can also point you in the right direction of where to purchase equipment, if needed.

Once you've booked your experience, you'll receive an email containing all contact details needed. Give me a call and we can get a date agreed for your session.


Safety is crucial. Life-vests are available and I also carry a throw line in case of any slips into the water.​ I am fully trained for coastal and outdoor first aid.


I am based in the town of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire.

*I do not guarantee a catch of bass or any other wild fish that we target. The open coast here in Wales is wild and unpredictable. I have great knowledge and skill, but there are many variables in what is probably the wildest sport-fishing on offer in UK waters!

“We love Matt’s passion and enthusiasm for the wildlife and landscapes that surround him, and are truly inspired by his creativity and expert knowledge. His ethos of returning to the way our ancestors would have gathered wild produce and incorporating these foods into modern cooking is fascinating. Combining fine dining with education, Matt’s experience days are not to be missed and we are thrilled to be able to offer these unique days out at Discover Delicious.”

My name is Matt Powell. I am a chef, forager and saltwater bass lure angling guide. Fishing and Foraging Wales was created to bring all of my passions together and to bring fishing and foraging enthusiasts the best experience that my skills and the Welsh coast can offer. I want to share with you the places in Wales where you can really escape and leave behind the hardships of the fast-paced lives which most of us face in today’s modern, sometimes crazy and hectic world. The places where you can truly get away from it all, reflect and relax.

We are blessed with natural beauty on our coastlines as well as a richness of wildlife. Learning foraging skills brings you closer to your surroundings and closer to understanding the fragile Eco-systems that are all around us. There is so much we can take and learn from the land and, of course, in a totally sustainable way.

Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)
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